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The mission of Brighter Futures Property Solutions, LLC is to offer reasonably priced rental housing options to families and to provide distressed homeowners with sound alternatives to upside down mortgages or bank/tax foreclosures in the Denver Metropolitan Area.

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After Dwight and Faith Holmes’ three sons decided to move to Colorado, it only made sense for them to leave their home in Maryland and follow.  Both were close to retiring from their professional jobs and were ready to take on a new challenge together.  They decided to start a business that would target some of the difficulties they had seen impacting the lives of many others during their years in education and behavioral health services.  Through a series of coincidences, they were led to the idea of starting a real estate investment company that would focus on purchasing homes from those facing the threat of foreclosure and then renting those homes at a reasonable rate to families in need of a place to live without the fear of constant rent hikes and disruptions to their children’s educational stability.  They decided upon the name, Brighter Futures Property Solutions, to describe their new business venture!

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